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Beijing Voilink Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Voilink) - a subsidiary of Novobabel - is dedicated to over-the-phone interpreting services. Voilink is the exclusive partner of the world's largest OPI provider - Language Line Solutions - in China and the only one of its kind to provide emergency language services to more than 200 million overseas Chinese around the globe.        Details>>
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2014年,语联国际为中国海关提供多部双手柄电话 是全球最大的电话口译公司Language Line Solutions在中国地区的独家战略合作伙伴,是唯一一家为全球2亿华人提供语言应急服务的企业。语联国际云集了海内外顶尖的多语语言专家,医疗等多个行业。秉承“快速响应...