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Tourism App

The overcoming of language barriers plays a key role in the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry. The app platform intends to provide convenient multilingual translation/interpreting services on an ad hoc basis, with dozens of language pairs available including Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Russian and Chinese-Arabic among others.
The app has powerful functions covering OPI and on-line voice and text translation to meet the diverse needs of its users. You can set the software interface to your native language and empower your communication wherever you are!

(一)Why is the Tourism App developed?
1.For tourist safety。
Travel reminders for destinations around the world, and safety tips can be posted on the app platform to minimize personal accidents during the trip. Safe and smooth journeys are ensured for Chinese citizens travelling overseas.
2.4.Informatized tourism services Real-time data control
All tourism-related and OPI access data can be analyzed, updated and reported on a real-time basis through the unified database for the app and WeChat public account. Data interaction between Voilink and the app on the cell phones of outbound Chinese travellers may facilitate on-site information capture, evidence collection and follow-ups.
(二)How to use the Tourism App?
1.Download the mobile app for clients;
2.Open the app and select a source language to reach an OPI interpreter.


Multilingual Services at Hotels

One of the most cost-effective, timely and efficient way of adding value to hotel services and raising the competitiveness through differentiation is to create a multilingual environment where the guests may communicate their needs in their native languages.

What can we do for hotels?
24/7 multilingual services:
All guests may use our dual-handset phones to communicate in their native languages at the hotel, whether for business or services.
Training for hotel staff:
Our training service may help hotel staff improve their client-service skills in a multilingual context and raise the soft competitiveness of the hotel.
Multilingual signage:
We design and produce multilingual guestroom cards and signage for hotels.
Brand recognition:
Voilink helps partner hotels win more high-end clients by exposing their brands through Novobabel to our international clients and at global exhibitions. The reason to choose us
Image in the commercial district only your hotel offers multilingual services for more than 10 languages... Imagine how pleasant your guests would feel at your hotel where they can communicate in their native languages just like at home. Enhance client loyalty, raise your profile and add value to your brand.


Make Your Overseas Journey Safer!

As the global economic exchange and social culture become increasingly diverse, the number of people crossing the border is surging each year. This has led to increased insurance coverage as well as enormous language-service demands. In the face of these demands, the traditional on-site interpretation has been increasingly challenged by geographical distances, interpreters' availability and high costs, which render it impossible to address a language barrier immediately when it rises. By introducing OPI to the insurance industry, a barrier-free language environment can immediately be created between the insurance company and the insured as well as the rescue agency, thus ensuring smooth pre- and after-sales communication.

(一)Benefits of using OPI in the insurance industry
1.Address the language needs of regular clients during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the client may immediately seek help via OPI instead of calling the insurance company. This will help both the client and the insurance company to cut losses.
2.Pay back to key clients. The OPI service is available to our key clientele whenever and wherever they encounter a language barrier overseas. Improve client experience and enhance the reputation of insurance products.
3.Track consumption data. The clients' consumption data are tracked through their requests for help sent to our interpreters. Meanwhile, these data are sent back to the insurance company for their reference in maintaining customer relations and designing insurance products.
4.Integrating OPI service into the pre- and after-sales processes to help the insurance company expand its global business and facilitate overseas accident reporting and evidence collection.

(二)How to integrate OPI into the insurance industry
1.Integrate our OPI products with your insurance products. When your clients purchase the insurance, show them the number +86 10 5810 3399 through your app or the insurance policy and explain to them how to use the service in case of an emergency.
2.Advise the client to download our mobile OPI app and check the available minutes in "My Center", which vary according to the level of the user.
3.Install Voilink's dual-handset phones to activate multilingual consultation and after-sales services, which will differentiate your company from others.


"Customers are four times likely to do business with companies that communicate in their native languages." Powerful and suitable language services may help an enterprise establish smooth pre- and after-sales channels and raise the probability of closing new deals with clients. Apart from tourism, insurance and hotels, OPI service may also be extensively applied to finance, sports, medical-care and public-interest sectors.

Direct connection to the global market with reduced business costs and increased turnover;
Step up your customer services to the international standards and enhance your customer satisfaction before and after sales.
Help the government build a better multilingual environment to attract global investments in China;
Improve the capacity of emergency response and help the government and public institutions build a service-oriented and international image.