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Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) is a form of distance interpreting service enabled through landline telephones/mobile devices/the Internet by connecting the client and the limited Chinese-proficiency individual (LCP) to a remote interpreter who delivers interpreting service over the phone to help the client and LCP communicate with each other.
OPI represents a combination of modern technology and traditional interpretation. It is a breakthrough in and evolution from the traditional interpretation. With the help of a communications device, OPI service transcends time and space to meet the interpreting needs at any time for the lowest possible cost. It also allows switching to different languages and interpreters of different levels at a real-time basis to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients.

“Customers are four times likely to do business with companies who communicate in their native languages.”
——White Paper - The Changing Face of The Consumer

Flexible:24/7 interpreting service accessible from every corner of the world;
Responsive:no reservation needed; instant connection to an interpreter within one minute;
Cost-effective:no fixed charges; pay as you go;
Secure and reliable: interpreters remain neutral and independent at all times, while a sound confidentiality system protects client information.
No more waiting endlessly for an interpreter! - 24/7 service all year round
Break the language barrier whenever you encounter one. - Instant interpreting for most languages
Say goodbye to prolonged negotiations and overtime pay - A fair charge by the second
Secured business secrets - Guaranteed security for your confidential information


OPI services offered for up to 60 languages, including English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic and many more to come.

international organizations, government institutions, public institutions, medical institutions, banks, insurance, airlines, hotels, tourism, international trade, automobile & machinery, media and public relations, FMCG, management consulting, international conferences & exhibitions, sports events, etc.

Personal services:
removing any language barrier you may encounter in your daily life, covering tourism, shopping, accommodation, food & beverage, medical care, personal communication, hotel services, taxis, etc. When the two parties engaged in a conversation are at the same site, typically during their travels or at a hotel or restaurant, they can call +86 10 5810 3399 to reach an interpreter instantly.

Business language services:
Companies are provided with dual-handset phones for speakers of different languages to communicate with the help of our interpreters available at +86 10 5810 3399, typically for reception, on-site queries and incoming calls in multiple languages, thus helping you win more loyal customers and achieve your globalization goals.
Call Center Outsourcing Services:
Our cloud call-center technology combined with language services is available to companies on a customized basis to meet their multilingual call-center needs. For users who are already running a call center, we can make it multilingual, thus saving enormous costs for companies seeking to establish their own multilingual call centers at home or lease such services from overseas.


With a focus on language-service studies, Voilink has experienced and contributed to the development of China's language-service industry. The Company is committed to building a professional and efficient platform of multilingual solutions. In terms of translation services, Voilink delivers an annual average of over 100 million words and has developed 20 computer-aided translation tools (proprietary software products with intellectual property rights) for specific industries including sport, law, finance, patent, and international trade. Key clients of Voilink include the International Olympic Committee, EU IPKEY, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bid Committee. In terms of interpretation, Voilink has delivered simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services at nearly 10,000 meetings and events including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games as well as an impressive array of international conferences such as the APEC Business Advisory Council meetings, Huawei Cloud Computing Congress, Microsoft Global Partner Summit, Sanya Forum, WWF Congress and many more.